Media in my world

Week 1: Media Autobiography – Blog 1

My Relationship With the Media

By: Arbella Yousif

For me i’ve always had a strong relationship with the media, most of the eight medias actually,  growing up I was addicted to watching TV. I loved all of the kids networks I had the channels memorized and the times as well, it was apart of my daily routine as a child, although I feel that TV then was better than how it is now. It seems that there’s more violence in today’s TV shows and less moral value lessons taught. I would learn so much from the old Disney shows, from how to respect parents, not to be racist or prejudice based on a persons background, etc. Like TV I have always listened to the Radio, I listen to it on my way to work and the way back and every time i’m leaving the house. It’s a great way to stay updated on what’s going on in the social news from celebrity’s, world, traffic, weather, etc. Unlike the radio I don’t use Recordings much as a media source, Podcasts never seemed to interest me and they never really were necessary for me to use. Growing up my sister would subscribe to the popular People magazine to keep updated with all the fashion and Celebrity gossip, it was something to pick up and read that was interesting, unlike books. Books would be another less favorite source of media, I get bored really easily and if the book isn’t interesting I will stop reading in the first chapter, but there are some books that I do enjoy. Newspapers are a great way to stay updated with the City or World news, my family never really subscribed to the paper, not sure why I think their source would come from CNN or other news TV stations. Growing up I loved watching movies, my sister would always take me to the theaters growing up and we’d have a blast because even if the movie wasn’t good the commercials before were funny and the environment itself was good. It’s good to watch movies in the theaters because it keeps us updated on the movie media madness, there’s always great movies being produced. Last but certainly not least, the internet is probably my biggest and most favorite source of media. I’m on it 24/7 I love using it for everything and anything, we rely on the internet so much. From the start I remember using it just for games and asking my mom if it was ok if i can go on the computer because then the phone line was used for the computer. And now the internet has evolved and developed tremendously and I think it’s only benefited the world today and it’s only going to get better and I would love to be a part of it. I would love to work for any Social Media company after I get my BS in Communications, it’s my dream.


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