Media Is Always There


Week 1: Media autobiography                                                                             Media is always there                                                                                                    By Andrew Masek


Media has always been an important part of my life because it’s always been there. My major is currently declared as Graphic Design, but I’m not really sure if I am going to stick with that or not. I want to go to a local school so I will put my applications out about as far away as San Francisco. In terms of frequency of use, I would definitely say that I use the Internet the most. The Internet is something that pretty much allows me to accomplish what I need to (and often delays me) for my school work. I use it every day, and even if I don’t use it all of the apps on my Ipad have been downloaded through the Internet so it still has a lingering presence. Additionally, I use the radio daily on my way to school, and even if I don’t drive I listen to many radio stations online. Another thing I love to do is to watch movies any way I can. Netflix and Hulu are often my vices but going to the theater is always a fun experience. As I have grown older and as more things are available online, so I find myself only turning on the TV willingly to watch my favorite show The Walking Dead. As far as audio recordings go, I don’t use them very often, but when I do its usually to mock a family member. However, video recordings are far more common now due to many social media sites and applications, a very popular one being Snapchat. Now come the forms of media that I use infrequently. On most occasions, the only reason I would even think to open a magazine is if I am bored out of my mind in some form of waiting room. When I was smaller I used to read Game Informer but it has been a long time. I do not read the newspaper unless someone is specifically showing me an article. Lastly, and I’m not particularly proud of this, but I don’t read books unless I am forced to. I just can’t get myself to pick up one because I can’t find one that really interests me. I used to be really into Neal Shusterman novels when I was just entering High School, but I haven’t really read outside of schoolwork since.


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