The Influence of Media in My Life

Week 1: Media Autobiography

The Influence of Media in My Life

By: David Carbajal

Throughout my life media has been an important part of molding me into the man I am today. Ever since I was a kid I knew that I had a chance to be something different, what I mean by different is to go against the norm of what the mass media shows how we should live. Growing up I was a huge fan of sports I remember always staying up instead of watching cartoons I was watching ESPN waiting to watch my favorite analyst Chris Berman and the late Stuart Scott. Their awesome catch phrases like “Boo Yeah” and “WHOOP” always had me glued to the television and waiting to see what was going in the world of sports. That’s why I changed my major to Journalism, because I hope to become an NFL analyst so I could cover my favorite sport and hopefully my favorite team the San Francisco 49ers. It wasn’t just ESPN though in high school I had a teacher that loved the news so everyday in class he would bring a newspaper and throughout his ten-year his room was filled with piles of newspapers, so when I got there it was another source of sports media I could use. Everyday when I walked into class he would always hand me the sports section from the San Jose Mercury News and I would read each column about Bay Area sports and everything that’s going on. During that time reading all the newspapers it allowed me to learn about statistics from all sports like ERAs in baseball and QBRs from football which gave me knowledge that I needed to know. Then came radio I never really listened to news radio until I started working with my Dad at his job anytime I was with him we would listen to the local sports radio stations KNBR 680 and 95.7 The Game to keep us informed of all our favorite teams. You can say I got my love for sports from my Dad. When it comes to books I never really like reading until college where I found an aspiring author Pierre Jeanty with his books Unspoken Feelings of a Gentleman and To the Woman I Once Loved which has helped me grown into a better man because through a dark time in my life and being raised to be a gentleman in a generation where it is frowned upon or nonexistent it was nice to know that someone else had the same mindset and views on things in society.  Now, social media I think has become my best resource for news because no matter what whether it’s on Twitter or Facebook I will always find out what’s going on in the world or what’s trending right now. With social media it allowed me to get a better understanding of politics which I really needed because have you watched Fox News those guys are idiots I trust Facebook more than I do them and like my Dad always says “I never watch Fox News or CNN I get my world news from The Daily Show because even though it’s a comedic look at news they always tell the truth and keep it straight up.”



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