Week 1: Autobiography

Media In My Generation

By Sergio Cano

Media is what has been controlling my social and educational lifestyles. I have been using media to educate myself. Books and newspapers were what I used when I was a little boy to help me understand the basics. I was fascinated by the way editors edited prints that would make readers interested in specific topics. I mostly believed what was in print rather than on the electronic media. Media on the Internet was constantly edited by others that were professional and nonprofessional, which is why I was a taught at a young age that it was never a good idea to look up things on Google. I trusted the printed media like the newspapers, magazines, and also books. They were professional edited by editors, so if it wasn’t accurate why would they publish something that can’t be edited ever again once you send out to the public to view for self-interest. TV is something that can be questionable though because TV can be very bias when it comes down to the news. Television in my experience is just shown for visual entertainment. Although movies and recordings are sometimes educational and straight with facts, they can have a twist. The twist is that they can be performed and staged out to make it fake which could sometimes be obvious to some people. I have never put in the thought of being in a career that involves media until now. I don’t think it would be that bad to be a video editor if it would mean being involved in big movies. My major at the moment is engineering and I am not sure what kind yet. I am not 100% sure if it consist of using media but it would I wouldn’t mind using the media in my future career.


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