Week 1: Media Autobiography

My name is Desmond Schurr and I am a second year attending De Anza. My current major is business and Marketing which correlates moderately with  media, and its eight types towards the masses. In addition, marketing heavily ties into media as it forms the relationship between business and consumer on a mass communicative level. Currently I am unaware of where I want to transfer and will indeed be looking for a job after college involving media in some ways. In addition, I’d like to talk about my relationship between each type of communication starting with books. With the advance in E-Book technology and PDF files, I have not read a tangible book for at least a year and usually get my information online. I usually read online if possible, though I don’t mind sitting down and reading a book in a quiet location. Newspapers are also another form of communication that I’ve never really indulged in, thought I do see older generations still using this as a main source of mass information given. I’ve also never had a liking to magazines due to the unimportant information that has accumulated to being a fad for gossip information. I usually dislike the topics most magazines share because it is usually information that the organization wants their consumers to view. Movies are usually non-fiction though they do have hidden messages in them from time to time I do not put any into thought really. I do like movies though its usually a leisure activity with family.  Recordings and radio are probably one of the main ways I receive information, this including articles and recordings of world events along with FM radio for world news. I really enjoy hearing straight forward news with no fluff or biased  views on the radio thanks to our first amendment. Television is a popular form of mass communication though I do not use it due to the fact that I don’t own one though it was a main factor while I was growing up. I seldom use the internet for mass communication unless its regarding articles or  communication towards other users. I still feel that all 8 types of mass communication have affected my life in some way and I look forward to studying them throughout the class.


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