Week 1: Media Autobiography

Week 1: Media Autobiography

The media in Everyday Life

By: Thanh Nguyen

While growing up I was really into reading books and gaining tons of information that the books possessed. Nowadays I don’t really read unless it’s for school purposes. I mainly get my daily media through television and the Internet. Newspapers were never a big interest to me so I can’t remember the last time I opened one of those things. Movies are awesome and they are still a big part of my life today. The only time I recieve media through the radio is when I’m in the car driving from point A to point B. Magazines are a great way to recieve the latest media but they are costly and you only read them once so I don’t really see any point in buying them. I do read them if they are accessible. Recordings on the other hand are outdated and have never made an impact on my life. I usually get information through media that is easy to obtain such as the Internet. It’s easily accessible 24/7 and almost everyone should have access to it since it’s free in many places.


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