Week # 1 – Media Autobiography

By Sara Raheem

One Saturday evening at the brink of dawn, I vivaciously fastened on my hello kitty backpack and strutted down the street with both my parents tightly gripping my hands. At five years old, I was utterly confused as to why certain symbols meant what they did. How come a yellow light didn’t mean go? Why are stop signs red instead of blue? As a young prosperous thinker, my mind could not evolve around the fact that I was within a world filled with inferences. As time progressed, so did my questions which plagued my parents and teachers. I found myself not accepting certain answers as valid. I wanted to find a deeper context, a deeper meaning as to why things are the way they are. I found myself sucked within the rapid whirlpool of knowledge and literature. I felt an encompassing attraction towards how humans communicate. In many ways, communication can be seen as a tool of power. How, when and why we communicate? Were all questions I yearned the answers to. Within my quest to find these answers I slowly started to fall in love with the classes and knowledge I was gaining. Thus leading me to declare my major as “Communication.” I became entranced with authors that shared there plaguing abstract perspectives of the world, which soon inspired me to question and yearn for more answers. On the journey of discovery, I found my aspirations towards becoming a journalist and eventually a lawyer becoming stronger. In the near future, I see myself transferring to a University of California or private institution.


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