Week 1: Media Autobiography

The War With Words

William Tolentino

Ah, the inescapable media. A tool used by Big Brother and his enemies. Rebel truth-seekers who believe words have enormous power in changing opinions and improving lives. Idealistic and true. However, because everyone from a toddler uploading videos on YouTube about the funny faces his pet cat makes to a pirate blogging about the unfairness of governments and businesses has an opinion, media has become a battlefield where ideas clash and storms of radical opinions erupt every second with each writer or speaker using different weapons in different subtle ways in a contest with no clear rules for victory or its unintended consequences. Change is chaotic but necessary. The problem with the media is that, while it can enhance lives, those who control and have access to its latest tools aren’t exactly sweet fairy grandmothers handing out gifts and good advice and free smiles without a price tag attached somewhere people won’t notice just to rub it in poor people’s faces that their lives aren’t their own until they find jobs even if they don’t like it. The general opinion of those who control media is “I’m right. How dare you say I’m capable of being wrong. That’s outrageous.” I’m exaggerating but still, there’s a lingering bitter taste which won’t quit.

Words are powerful and media enhances their inherent capabilities. Books, for example, are wonderful persuaders. For me, stories expand minds and shatter limited views not because they tell people what to do but because they show how things are and lets you think of what can be. Genres such as Fantasy, Romance and Horror are read by millions of fans because it tugs at their feelings and lets their imagination run wild. Escapism sells because it addresses things we want but can’t have; dreams and desires for a better world. Sexism, Racism, Homophobia. All these things run amok across television, radio and online, slowing down progress. It seems the media is going out of their way to discredit everyone and build more paranoia but there are clear signs things are heading in the opposite direction. People are now sensitive and quick pulling out a reasonable argument from their thoughts. We’re living in a world demanding everyone be responsible and careful of their words and actions.


About willtolentino92

Storyteller in love with how people overcome various odds no matter what. A testament to human will and ingenuity.

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