week 1: media autobiography

Media Surrounds Every Aspect

by: Maddy Kelly

Media is everywhere. It seems to consume every aspect of our lives today. When we want to learn about something it seems that the fastest way to explore these new discoveries or hear about new events is through media. I personally feel suffocated by media every day. Although I am guilty of adding into the growing media community, I don’t particularly like it. The biggest source of media I use would have to be social media. I am constantly on my phone checking instagram, snapchat, and twitter. Occasionally I am on facebook, but it is not my go to. I also watch television and use the internet on the daily. All of these offer an easy way to get in touch with others and see what is going on in the world around me but also it just offers me something to look at when I am bored. I also watch a lot of movies and read books for fun. I feel the most satisfied when I am reading a book because it doesn’t involve staring at a screen. You will rarely catch me reading a newspapers and listening to the radio, but I still do. I personally wish social media controlled less of my life but it feels like nowadays its always around me and it’s the basis of our growing generations. I am very glad I was not raised on an ipad as a child. I spent most of my time outside playing in the street and with my neighbors and sisters. I think it is so important for children to stay away from social media as long as possible because the brain needs the proper environment to develop. As I watch my young cousins grow up I constantly wish they were not staring at their phones or computers 24/7. Media to me has as many negatives as positives but ultimately it is never going to go away, so we just have to know how to regulate it.

Although I am not majoring in anything journalism related, I still think this class is important because it will teach me about media in my country and around the world and what impact it has on everyone. My major is nursing and I plan on transferring to a school in Boston next fall.


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