Week 1: Media Autobiography

By Masayuki Fukushima

   Today, there are a lot of ways we can express our ideas or opinion to people. Information has power to improve our social life better all the time. In the recent 20 years, technology has been extremely developed, which means that we can get information whenever and wherever we are. Actually, after I use social network service, mainly Facebook and Twitter, the opportunity to hear the latest news has increased, especially about European soccer which is my favorite topic. Almost all people use Internet for getting information or working. Internet media tools is the easiest way people can share opinions and assume the rate. As mentioned above, Internet is huge community place, so we can say something on and on. However, this place has a risk because we are not sure whether all information is true. In addition, each people have different ideas. So I have to be careful to report when I become a workingman as a journalist.

   I need to read many kinds of books to become a journalist. Actually, Journalists should know wide knowledge. Reading books is the most important way I study because I think this way can make me cultivate my imaginative power more than getting from Internet or TV. Recently, I rely on Internet or TV due to my time, but I am conscious to reading book more.In the future, I would like to be a sport journalist, mainly reporting soccer business and marketing in my original perspective. So   I prefer to transfer California State University, East Bay. Then if I transfer there, I follow Major League Soccer to be interested in by people in the world, with using social network. This is my my prospects for my future.




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