Week 1: Media Autobiography – Blog 1

By Peter Ngo

The first mass media that I ever use was probably the television. I remember waking up early in the morning every day to watch cartoon on the television like Pokemon for example. Out of all the channel on the television only the cartoon were interesting at that time and when ever the new was on I would turn it off. But then came the internet, it was mind blowing at first as I can play game on it and even watch all the cartoon that I miss on certain day. The internet allowed me to watch cartoon and certain episode with out waiting for it to air on the television. Now a day I rarely watch any television at all expect to watch the president election or the new year count down. Movies were the same as the television as it was fun to watch new movies in the theater with my family but then I found out that you can stream it off the internet. Why go to the theater when you can watch movies at home and off the internet for free? I don’t own a radio box so the only time I ever listen to the radio was in the car. Even then it only when I am extremely bored that I ever listen to the radio as I always have a game consoles with me to past the time. Books are probably the least favorite out of all the mass media that I use. The only time that I ever read book was for school and I never read for fun at all. Magazines were different as their were certain game magazine like Game Informer that were helpful to read but you can also download these off the internet if you search hard enough. Of all the mass media their were two that I never used at all and they were the newspaper and recordings. I don’t know of any kid or anyone in my generation who still read the newspaper. Even my father stop reading the newspaper like 8 year ago. My major is biological science and I probably need to read a lot of book if I want to become a doctor. I am a shy person so I would not like a job in the media industry.


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