Week 1: Media autobiography By Aaron Lam

My name is Aaron Lam, I use many of the eight types of mass media on a daily basis. I tend to read books when I am required for certain classes. I like reading about new information, but dislike reading books that I think has no importance to my personal life and career. I rarely read the newspaper unless I am with my grandpa in which I would read them with him at lunches. I like to read the newspaper it keeps me interested as well as apart of the news around me. I cannot say I dislike reading the newspaper it is just whether I get around to get a newspaper. As far as magazines go I read car magazines and sports magazines for entertainment. I don’t dislike reading magazines, but like to learn about the newest updates for car companies and sports teams. I do not often watch movies, but I do enjoy watching them when I do. I record freestyle raps with friends and cannot say there is a dislike for recording. I do listen to the radio every morning and on the way to and from work. I enjoy the entertainment value as well as passing the time while driving. I watch television to watch sporting events as well as series shows. I use the internet the most in my life though mostly because of school work. I also use the internet for social media and sometimes to see the front news of yahoo to see what is going on around the world. Although I use some media more than others I can say I consistently use media in my everyday life whether it be to pass the time or for studying. Without media almost everyone can say life would be very difficult to reach out to others.


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