Week 1: Media autobiography by Mckinley Thompson

I have a fairly extensive experience with some of the eight types of media, starting with books. Reading has been a huge part of my life since I first learned how. Most of my time is spent reading or watching something. Newspapers aren’t a big part of my life but as a kid I would regularly read the comics section. I wouldn’t be surprised if print newspapers eventually were phased out in favor of digital. Magazines have never been a part of my media experience, unless comic books count as magazines, which for some people they do. If thats the case I read magazines everyday and I absolutely love them. Movies and television go hand in hand in my opinion, they’re both huge parts of my life. I spent a year working at a movie theater and the experience was great. I love videos of any kind and I want to write them or maybe direct them in the in future. I’d even go so far to say that movies and television have the biggest impact on my life. I watch movies constantly and spend a lot of my time coming up with or pitching movies to my friends. In middle school I used the radio for a year to listen to a morning show, now it doesn’t play a role in my life. Currently I use the Internet for just about everything, and that includes writing for a website called The GWW. Without the Internet shopping would be harder, watching movies and television would be harder too. The internet opens up tons of opportunities as well, without it I wouldn’t be able to easily record interviews or send in my reviews. The last one was recordings but I’m not really sure what that means, it could be music, podcasts, or even audiobooks, maybe all of the above. Recordings is a very broad statement so I guess I can just yes I do have a connection with recordings. I’m a musician so recording music is a part of what I do or even listening to music as a source of inspiration for writing or covers is important as well. I love podcasts and have plans to start my own in the future. I think that covers it my favorite parts of media are the Internet, books, movies, and television with recording coming is as fifth. The rest of them don’t play a big part in my life if any.


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