Week 1: Media Autobiography – Maxwell Egbujor

My name is Maxwell C. Egbujor and I am a 1st year De Anza student. I am in my second quarter of my college career and my major is Journalism to transfer. My top choice of transfer after my time at De Anza comes to a close is San Jose State. More are going to arise guaranteed, but for now that’s the main option and my main pathway in terms of classes. My relation to the media in terms of careers and jobs is none. But I envision myself in the field very soon. In terms of usage, the media is probably the only thing I involve myself with throughout the day that isn’t school or extracurricular activities. In relation to books, I’ve been quite separated from this sort of media other than class assigned books since College. Newspapers and articles are read daily, most of it being online. I watch some movies, but most of the time unless it is something I’ve been awaiting for a very long time, I’m not much into the movie hype. For example I may be the only human being that hasn’t watched “The Force Awakened” yet. The Radio has little impact on my media connection because the biggest two, TV and Internet probably account for at least 80% of the media coverage I receive. As I am writing this essay, I have another tab open on Around the NFL and my TV is on NFL Network while I watch NFL Total Access. I hope this class prepares me for the challenges ahead that involves media.



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