Week 1: Media autobiography Media’s influence can’t be denied

By Yang Zhang

          My relationship with mass media first one is book .When I was around age 6-12 i really like reading  book and all type of them for example Harry Potter  , after that when I at Middle School I start look some newspaper because my dad order newspaper everyday and I feel from newspaper I can find a lot of information even it happen really far from me and even other country’s news also from that age me and my friends start to go movie theater watch movie  and I really like movie even now I still go watch movie 1 or 2 times in a month .When I go high school , between students magazines start popular  , whatever type of magazines they all can let us know the things we like and we don’t know yet  for example for boys we all like cars ,sport ,science . For girl most like make up , entertainment news and so on.

       I like music too so when I was primary school we listen type recordings, and radio to listen music with friends or alone at home , just enjoy the music by myself . Because during that time CD does really spread among the people

      When we are still kid parents don’t let us watch TV very often only after dinner or weekend most TV show we watched is news or animation during kid

     When internet really get in my life when i move to high school ,I got my first laptop when I first year of high school ,  I start use internet to search information I need for study or play online game with friends and chat with classrooms after school .

   My major is Business  and I wanna transfer to San Jose state university



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