Fewer corporations, fewer options

Week 2: Business Aspect of Media

Fewer corporations, fewer options

By Andrew Masek


In today’s world, we often find ourselves over-saturated with all kinds of media in one form or another. With the Internet and television there are seemingly many options, but with the known fact that most if not all news stations are owned by a select few corporations, this is not the case. I believe that because most media outlets are owned by a small number of corporations, we as the consumer have fewer options. I think this because if you think about it, when you change the channel, if the next channel is owned by the same corporation you are just hearing the same stuff worded differently. Given that, I believe that the owners of the media corporations are in control of what we get to see quite simply because it is their news networks that we get our information from. If they don’t want a story aired on their network, then it won’t get aired. In this sense, free media is but an illusion (well at least on T.V.) This chapter has greatly increased my knowledge about how the media works and who is behind a lot of it. I honestly had no idea before as to who owned what when it comes to television networks. I don’t even know what I thought before, I think I just took it for granted and assumed that they are all independently owned. Now I know another truth, and I can see that most information that we have access to does not vary as much as we’d like it to.


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