Media Impact

By Gabriela Sanches

I have heard a lot of people blamed media for real-life problems and I think everyone have done this at least once in life. One of these people is my grandmother who thinks that if my little cousins are fighting with each others is because they are playing to much violent games in their video games, not because they are little boys and do not agree in some things and can not use dialogue for solve their problems.

Also I have blamed media in much moments of my life, the most recent one was when in the Brazilian World Cup a lot people from different countries come to Brazil, and in the television we started to see more blond women in the media (there had always blond women, but in that time, it increased a lot), and most of Brazilian women are not blond. So in that time and even after the World Cup, much of Brazilian girls turned themselves blond, and I did it too, I dyed my hair because the influence of the media and the image of these foreign women in my mind. German not only bet us in the World Cup, they also won the World Cup, and most of German girls are blond, so we kind “tried” to be a little similar to them, because they are/were so much better than us, in soccer, in economy, in health and in beauty, according to the media. So when I became blond and I saw that my hair could not make me more beautiful, I blamed media like if it they were the only guilty and I was just an innocent piece of their control, because this was easier than accept that the fault was mine, and the mistake was just mine.

Therefore, like in the video in the begging, Media impacts our lives in an undeniable way, however we should not see media like the only thing that controls our live, because there is much more influences in our lives, such as our family, friends, school, cultural traditions and our only minds. From my point of view, we are not just passive target like the Propaganda and the Direct Effects Model saw the audience, we can be active and choose what we do believe.


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