Week 2: Business Aspect of Media

By Mckinley Thompson

I’m torn on which direction to go for the second of two blog options. I think it could be a matter of perspective maybe we have more media choices maybe we have less because they’re all run by a few corporations. We do have more just in the general sense because there are tons of news shows that viewers have access to and less because a lot of them are run/owned by the same companies. My belief is that we have more because in reality yes corporations have control of our news but I don’t believe that they constantly micromanage news shows. As corporations there’s a good chance that other more important things are going on that they have to deal with. I think each news show has varying views and opinions that corporations do sometimes influence but I find it hard to believe that there’s a constant influence. I’ll be honest though, I don’t really watch the news and I can’t really feel interested in it. Maybe the corporations give news channels a rough idea of what they want and the news channel is left to follow those guidelines. There’s a chance that the viewers have influence on news channels because of their reactions to news stories. I’ll admit that the few controlling corporations are the pulling the strings of all the news channels, but I don’t know for sure. News hasn’t been a big part of my life until recently when I decided to pay a little more attention to the world around me. I’ve never been interested in news because I believed for a long time that “ignorance is bliss.” This chapter has raised a lot of questions for me that I really don’t have the answers to. There’s a big chance that I’m being naive and corporations have a vast control over the news shown to people.


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