Week 2: Business Aspect of Media

Who Controls the Media

By Thanh Nguyen

Back I the olden days we only received media through small amounts of outlets like newpapers through the printing press and most media was done by mouth to mouth communication. I feel as though now in the 20th century we have much much more variety in terms of media. We can go online to look at things or drive and get media coverage on the radio. There are so many options available to receive media. I believe that no one really owns the media. We in ourselves own the media. It’s some peoples job to report to us the most recent media but they are also human. Our jobs as a civilization is to respond back to the media and give feedback by various methods to determine what kind of media will be reported back to us. It’s an endless cycle of senders and recievers. The media controls us because the most recent media will be the topic of discussion or the thing to talk about among society.



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