Week 2: Business Impact of Media

The Half Truth.

By: Michelle Miramon

Although the media is controlled by a few corporations, I do believe that we as media consumers do have more media choices.  We are able to read the news on a newspaper, an article in a magazine, or as a top story on Yahoo.  Even my smart phone updates me throughout the day on what’s going on in the world outside of the bay area.

I strongly believe that the government has control of the media because my brother served as a soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan during the war.  When he would call or write letters of what was going on during the war, it was nothing that I heard on the news.  I sometimes even felt what he was saying was unreal because what the media put out for the media consumers was nothing close to what his stories revealed.  This chapter solidifies my beliefs on the media because I was always felt like the news I would read or hear was not the full story.  The media would give a bias opinion on what was really going on.  I wouldn’t say that I strongly agree with the government having control on the media is a bad idea because I also think that if the government released every little detail, then the media consumers will be scared.


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