Week 2: Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media


By Desmond Schurr

I chose option number two due to various options we’ve come to establish in the twenty-first century just in the Americas alone. I do believe consumers have more choices in present day than before due to one major key which is the internet. The mass communication within a technological aspect is almost obsolete. Not only we we have emails, smart phones, and computers, but also advanced forms of newspapers such as a tablet for the same given information. I do believe though that we are more sheltered and really have to dig for real world news, there is much more of a filter than back when media and information was more tangible and everything was on print. Now people are able to block certain mail or information based on the content and the level of maturity for the consumer. Thought a small number of corporations own the big news and information feed. I feel that there are different sections within the corporations that regulate these various subjects. People who work in this companies have certain skill sets for certain topics, thought it may be regulated it is information “vital” to that certain topic. In my mind I feel as I’ve said before that secret seven is very true. There is no “they” and that we as a whole control the media. Government does have control over media but besides the small corporations most of the media is regulated based upon our reaction and interests as a populous and its a relationship we have with the back and forth feed back which creates the bridge between sender and consumer. This is the evidence in my opinion to base a judgment on who controls the media, and we are all one nation to begin with so I feel it is correct. The chapter did change my understanding of how much of the media is controlled by the government, I now realized how much government has over certain campaigns and propaganda within the Unites States. Small selected corps. for media has always been a known fact and these big head figures have a huge impact on our society.



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