Week 2: Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media

By Nick Verbin

In the 21st century, we see many more forms of media than ever before. Our world is surrounded (and to an extent, controlled) by news stations, magazine articles, newspapers, books, radio stations that all seem to serve an agenda. When inspected closer, we can see that even different news stations and newspapers are not actually independently run; many of them are owned by the same corporations in order to push a similar agenda on a much larger scale. This begs the question: Does this give the public more or less options in terms of media and information?

I believe that this gives the public less options of information. While we may be introduced to a wide variety of news stations, if they are all owned by the same corporation, it becomes clear that the information within these stations stays consistent. While this gives us the perception of more station options to tune into, it is still the same information being regurgitated through multiple sources. An alternative for the public would be too get their news from a multitude of different sources with different biases, in order to understand the issues on multiple sides, rather than just the one we think we agree with.

I believe the owners of these corporations controls the media. It is not one entity, nor is it shared with a large number of independent news sources. It is controlled by a select few corporations, such as NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, Disney, and plenty more. These news fat cats sit at the top of the media and control what is put out on all of the news channels they own.


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