Week 2: Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media

Media controlling real-life situations

By Sergio Cano

Some people who are less educated on the Internet tend to believe everything on the Internet is true, because well it’s the Internet and everything is on the Internet. But it is not quite like that, some things on the Internet are true but some things on the Internet are not. So about a year ago my friend decided to create an account on eHarmony to find “the love of his life.” These ads that eHarmony show on TV attracted my friend into creating an account and finding out if he could find a girl he can actually like because everything else didn’t work out for him. So, he did go ahead and tried it, and ended up matching up with a girl. My friend paid money on this website to be able to message this girl, and for her to message back. Days later I found out that he was going to go on a date with this girl that was suppose to be very beautiful. It felt like he got catfished because it was not the girl in the picture that he saw in person when they met face to face. So after this happened he automatically did not trust her so he canceled the date and just said bye to her the minute they just said hi to each other. He blamed eHarmony for not being a professional website and making sure that these people on this website are not fakes. Till this day he remains single and helpless finding the girl he wants to be with and love.


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