Week 2: Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media – Blog 2

By: Whitney Stein

To be completely honest, I do believe we have more options as far as what news we would like to zero in on or take the time to read, understand, or argue for. Although, the way that we collect the information is owned by a small series of conglomerates which I think is okay due to fact that consumers have Google. Before the 21st century there was newspaper, radio, TV- ect. But now we have additional sources of information provided by search engines such as Google. Not saying Google is replacing or is in fair competition with the newspaper, TV, and radio outlets, however it is a great way to do research and dig deeper into personal sources of the different types of media. This has impacted media in a huge way- many stories go viral and the internet and websites such as Google have world wide viewers, world consumers that play a huge role in how we look into the media and almost direct in a sense the media. Also, the difference that consumers have now compared to the consumption of media before, was very limited as far as when and where to access information in regards to the media. Apple has come into play with regards to how we access the media and how the media interrupts and reaches out to consumers now. From iPhones, iPads, to MacBooks and iMac, we can access the media/news at home, in the car, at work, in the bathroom, at the cafe- it’s changed how much we consume and this has supplemented media and ultimately benefited the media and the consumers. Due to many Apple products and other tech companies innovations, the audience of media is even more in charge and running what we want to see. In order to access information for let’s say- a politics research paper- I wouldn’t have to watch T.V and hear about multiple things the media might be talking about just to get to the topic of a political debate. But now with the help of Apple, Google, and an audience member (myself), I can easily research the information I need and type into Google “Democratic Political debate 2016” and my search is more refined and thus making myself the controller of how I consumed that information. Now, who is in control of the political debate and how everything is ran within the debate- it’s politics and the audience of that debate responds and sways how the media will respond the next day towards what was said in the debate. It’s a push and pull relationship.


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