Week 2: Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media

By Arbella Yousif

Now a days we rely on the media more than ever, whether its social media from your phone or watching FOX news on your TV. With the amount of media outlets we have today we are given lots of options, whether the same corporation owns them all they’re all different media outlets, and unless you look up who owns it it doesn’t really matter. Most corporations are just used for money reasons, some of them that’s all they have to do with it. On the other hand there are corporations that call most of the shots of the media outlets, like most news channels, they only report what they like to report for a news story. If the news channel airs a new story, they all have different sides of the story reported, whoever they favor will be taken into consideration. I believe that with the amount of media sources we have today we have more options, yes because of the sources we have and because of how accessible they are. So yes we have more choices on the outlets but the actual media information will be mostly the same. ¬†Consumers want to see the footage they want to see, whether if it’s from the TV or their iPhone, they don’t want to hear about something they wont so the amount of media footage that is increasing is giving people more chances to see what’s going on in the world and that can definitely be a huge benefit to this society.


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