Week 2:Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media

By Peter Ngo

I believe that in the twenty-first century, we as consumer are gaining more option in the kind of media we are using. It true that most of the popular or more viewed media are controlled by a small number of corporation but their exist many kind of other media out their that we can uses. Media is a continuing business in the twenty-first and can’t be controlled by a limited number of corporation. People or up start corporation can create new and different kind of media that can be used. The small corporation might be running the media but the people who control the media is the audience. As said before media is a business that corporation run to make money and in order for it to make money it has to be popular. The corporation can’t just put up any kind of news as it might upset their viewer a example would be News of the World in 2011. It was a extremely popular newspaper in Britain in till a scandal in 2011 that reveal how their reporter hack into people cellphone in more to write their news. This was such an outrages scandal that the newspaper lost all credibility and it has to be shutdown. Why did such a newspaper that began in 1843 all the way to 2011 shutdown over a scandal? It because to media business credibility is important to the point that it can affect viewer and user of that media. Without credibility their is no trust and without trust how will people know if what they are saying are believable. This chapter change my understanding of media a bit as I understand now how the media business is kind of run and how it change ownership overtime.


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