Week 3: Business Aspect of Media

Week 3: Business Aspect of Media

The Source Behind Our Media

By Jacqueline Contreras

As of today, the sources of our media come from various corporations. Prior to reading the third chapter of the textbook, I was unaware of  that the corporations we find so common own several of the sources to our news. Given this information, I believe that we as media consumers are given fewer choices as to what news we take in.

There are six main corporations that own several other networks and publishing businesses: Disney, News Corporation, 21st Century Fox, Time Warner, Viacom/CBS, and Bertelsmann. Because these corporations have access to different forms of media, they hold the potential to influence others based off their own opinions or standards. Take for example Time Warner who owns CNN. According to an article on huffingtonpost.com Time Warner has donated over 400,000 dollars to Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign, this had led CNN to post stories displaying biased opinions in favor of Clinton.

It is major corporations that control the media along with its viewers. These biased opinions alter the viewers perception of certain things or situations, preventing some audience members from forming their own opinions or knowing the truth behind what they are being told.


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