Week 2: Business Aspect of Media- Blog2

By Masayuki Furushima

Today, we can share information with mass media. Media options have improved more useful to use, and the tendency of these options is that some companies own mass media literacy. In other words, these companies can make a huge profit. I think media consumers have more choices to get mass options because we are able to be conducted how to know the trend of mass society easier.

In recent society, smart phones are no longer indispensable for our lives due to get information wherever and whenever we are. Apple is one of the biggest company which owns media society. Apple Company invents new types of media tools. Apple Store or iTunes Store are like big library we can see any kinds of information. We can bring a lot of information, and share with other Apple devices.

The positive perspective owned media options by some companies is that we can be evolved our technological lives to shift the latest skills. If the competitive rate of media tools is intensive, we will be confused which companies can be trusted. Spending time more, we need to keep up with new media technology. After reading Chapter 3, I believe The New Players of big media will make new generation for technical society. With the same time, we as media consumers, and other organizations, like government, should pay attention to these companies’ concept.



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