Blog #1: Media autobiograph

By Pho Le

I’m living in a society which media is a significant part. When i was a kid, i was contacted with many different types of media. Most of my knowledge was from books. I like to read book in my free time. Books are resources which provided my childhood understandings about outside world. Second media which i had interacted was movies. From the cartoons which i watched when i was a little kid ,then the action movies, romantic films… Those gave me many opposite opinions about life. It also established imaginations in my brain. I was starting to read my first magazine when i was thirteen years old. In fact , i don’t really like newspapers and magazines because it’s so bored to find the interesting informations for me. However, i can’t deny that newspapers and magazines are important. It provides a lot of informations and current affairs to people about every sides of society. Another media which i really like to use is radio. I have a habit that i need to listen to radio at least 30 minutes per day when i almost sleep. When every other media overloads for your head to receive informations. Radio is helpful. The informations which you hear on radio, it’s not necessary to be a bored news. It can be a song you like, a touching story which helps your brain relax after a long-tired day. I don’t think recording is a real media. I want to think about it like a special “pen” which i can write my diary. Recordings – a helpful tool for us to save the memorial moments. I don’t usually use recording. But i believe that young generation is using it everyday. And the last media which most affects my life is internet. Nowadays, internet is an essential part in society. It controls every activities. There are a lot of opposite opinions about the beginning of internet era, however no one can deny the benefits and influences of internet. I lived 15 years in Vietnam , where government controlled almost 99% of media. All of news which transmitted to each individuals was censored. In my country, i understand the inhibition of people when they can not say what they want and what they think about Congress and Government. I saw at the place where i was born there was a lot of secrets which they tried to hide. I could see at my country, in people’s eyes is scary of injustice. However, i do not completely support the freedom of speech through media. Because if there’s no censorship and control of government, there will be a big problem that is distortion of informations . Those wrong informations will cause a serious consequence that the tricks of people to people. Besides, with the culture of an Asian country, censorship of social media is necessary. But it just should be in limitation.



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