Blog #2: Media Impact or Business Aspect of Media

The danger of social media

By Pho Le

Social Media in this society becomes the most important use for teenagers nowadays because without they wouldn’t not able to finish their homework or even to get everybody to know who they are . According to the blogger named Amanda Lenhart , who wrote a blog called “ Teens , Social Media & Technology Overview 2015”, stated that “ Facebook is the most popular and frequently used social media platform among teens; half of teens use Instagram, and nearly as many use Snapchat and there are almost 71% of teenagers are using facebook” . Although , they didn’t know that their life’s in danger because all of the children and teenagers predator out there are hunting for these teenagers . The predator would sign up an account with a fake profile from internet and contact other teengers , then ask for a meet up day . Moreover, when they meet up , the predator would kidnap , rape , molest , and even sell them to other country for labor . Therefore , I believe as parents , they should take control of their children’s media usage because this is a serious situation that once they are addicted to social media , then they would do EVERYTHING , in order to do what they feel it is fulfil for their life and what they need is enough.


Here is a video shows that the real situation that I have talked as above.


After you watched this video , you should show it to everybody in the family to know and beware of their child .



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