Blog #3: Books and Magazines

By Pho Le

I like to read romantic books. In this times of modern technology which people have to race against age, those loving story help me to stop and to perceive,… The first novel that impressed me is “ If only it were true” a moving story of Marc Levy. It was a love between a ghost and a young businessman. I admired them and admired their love . Despite the separation of life and death , they keep on loving each other . That story teaches me how to love, teaches me how to forgive and love a person more than love myself . Second book which I want to mention is a famous novel called “ Twilight” written by Stephenie Meyer . Once again, I’m concerned with a loving story. Each story is another perspective about love. In “Twilight” , the power of love can overcome every boundaries of challenges. Love changes people’s emotion, it makes people happy , but it also makes people sad. A message that stayed in my mind after reading “Twilight” is that love doesn’t depend on destiny , it depends on us if we want to reach to love as your goal and love also can disappear if we don’t respect it and don’t cherish it . Lastly, another book which I want to talk about is “ The Call of The Wild” one of the masterpiece of Jack London. It’s not only because of the beauty of the content , but also a meaningful message. Perhaps, compassion and love are the most lofty and beautiful things . Even when Buck – the dog in the story was scared and doubt of people , human’s love has made it touched. Moreover, the story reminded us to love animals because they are our friends and will always be faithful to us .The ending of the story is Buck’s howling and he ran back to forest. I believe that is why the author named the book as : The Call of The Wild”.


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