Week 1: Media Autobiograhy

Media: A Strong Influence Since I Was Young

By: Paula Jung


Books: I have grown up reading books from an early age. My mother used to take me to the local library when I was young so that I could spend hours reading books there, or discover new books to rent out for the week to read at home. I’m grateful for the availability and plethora of books that were accessible to me at either local libraries or school libraries growing up because I feel that they have helped me hone an interest in studying and reading. I still enjoy reading books but sometimes do not have a lot of time to read many books.

Newspapers: Though my family was quite interested in reading the newspaper daily, I was not interested in reading about the news despite my family’s encouragement for me to do so. When I did read the newspaper, I enjoyed reading the comic section the most. I like the newspaper for the reason that you can read about current events, but I would rather read news articles online rather than on the newspaper.

Magazines: As a young teen, I read a few magazines geared towards young women my age about fashion and beauty, but these days I do not read magazines much anymore. I liked to read magazines for fun at the local library as a teenager and liked the fact that magazines often entertained me with their eye-catching advertisements on various beauty products or clothing lines, but as I grew up those same beauty magazines became an annoyance to me rather than entertaining.

Movies: My family loved to watch movies in the movie theatres altogether from when I was young, and often times, my brother and I will still go out to the theaters to watch the latest blockbuster movie out. I have and still enjoy going out to the theaters with my friends to watch any new movies out and find that this will probably be a type of media form that I will continue to love throughout my lifetime. I like that movies are a great way to spend time with your friends or family, and are always interesting.

Recordings: Recordings such as podcasts and radio talk shows have existed ever since I can remember, but they were never of much interest to me. Instead of listening to these podcasts and talk shows, I much rather preferred listening to music stations. I do not listen to music stations these days as much as I did in the past.

Radio: As a middle-school and high-schooler, I listened to the radio quite often in the car, especially specific music stations.. However, nowadays, I do not like to listen to the radio and prefer to listen to my own music library available on my iPod during car rides. This way, I can choose to listen to the songs that I want, whenever I want, and usually the sound quality is much better than the radio station’s.

Television: I watched television a lot as a child after school or on weekends. In high school I started watching television on online streaming sites such as hulu.com or Netflix. These days I still watch a lot of television through these online sites. I like that there are over thousands of shows a person could watch according to their personal interests and taste in shows. Television is also a great way to spend time with friends who love watching similar shows as you.

Internet: The Internet was incredibly influential for me growing up, as it was the tool for most of my studying, entertainment, and socializing with friends. I probably used the Internet for most of my day, growing up, and I think that I still use the same amount of time on the Internet currently as I did in the past! I think the Internet is the most important form of media for me, as so much of my everyday life is shaped by what is available for me on the Internet such as e-mail, entertainment, and keeping in contact with friends. I like the fact that the Internet is often times very easy to use, entertaining, and very helpful to help me accomplish my everyday tasks.

I think I would like a career in media. My major is currently Communications because I have always had a strong interest in things surrounding the media, especially visual media, art through media, and studying the effects of media. Since I have grown up using and watching media my entire life, I feel that I am adept in this area and my added interest in the field is helpful for me in my hopes one day finding a job in the world of media! I hope to transfer to San Jose State studying Communications.


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