Week 1 : Media Autobiography – Blog 1

Week 1: Media Autobiography

The Influence of Media

by Talia Hudgens

As a child of the nineties, I grew up with the media and it has affected my day-to-day life and altered my way of thinking – sometimes negatively, sometimes positively. Books were the first mediums that I was introduced to as a child. I would walk eagerly up to my book box and grab several books that seemed interesting to me and until it was time to go somewhere or I got bored, I would sit and read. My Mother didn’t force me to, it was just a little hobby that I liked to do on my own. This was an everyday ritual. I was a book addict. As a toddler, most of the books that I read consisted of more words than pictures. But as I grew older, I became more of a visual reader and the words automatically began to form vivid pictures. As a child the only time I was around a newspaper was when I went to my grandparent’s house my Mom would drop me off, and the first thing I would see was my grandfather sitting under the hot sun in a plastic chair reading a newspaper he was so engulfed in. Soon after I would come outside and join him. After he was done reading a section, I would read the same one. Now that I’m older, I tend to only read newspapers when I’m traveling since I take public transportation everywhere. At home, I had magazine subscriptions up until I hit the age of 17, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen and then Teen Vogue. All print media has developed my critical thinking skills and allowed me to form my own ideas and opinions about the topics I am reading and to elaborate on them during conversations with people around me. The bad experience that I had with print media was that it doesn’t talk back.

Visual media, on the other hand, wasn’t something that I grew up with, it was a medium that I was exposed to an it didn’t become my medium of choice until I became a middle-schooler and I think that’s when I stopped reading books altogether. As a child and teenager, I was extremely creative and took many photos and videos, but those were just hobbies that I picked up around the house. I never took an interest in other people’s visual artwork, but I do appreciate good movies and music now. My relationships with the two other visual mediums, television and the internet have always been the same in that I never watch television unless there’s a show that I find interesting usually under the genre of ‘reality.’

I have never held a position in the media industry, but I have volunteered to do photography or videography for a few organizations I have volunteered for in the past as a teenager; most of them were non-profits and my jobs ranged from making promotional videos for Ballet San Jose’s Winter 2013 Nutcracker performance or taking photos during fashion shows to post on social media. Prior to volunteering or doing these internship, I took a year-long course in Graphic Design during high school. Currently, my major is Communications and I am looking forward to transferring to San Jose State in the Fall.


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