Week 3: Books

Week 3: Books

Influential Books

By Jacqueline Contreras

After reading Rain Of Gold written by Víctor E. Villaseñor, the story that follows two families and their journey into the United States from Mexico, I was inspired to look into my family’s migration experience. This novel illustrates the struggles that Villaseñor’s parents experienced during the Mexican Revolution as well as their separate experiences as Mexican immigrants in America. The issues the characters face in the novel reminds the readers of the sacrifices immigrants make in order to provide for their family, as well as the harsh treatment they receive from those who wish to see them fail.


George Orwell’s Animal Farm is one of my favorite novels due to the fact that readers can easily make connections to its events with ones happening in our society today. The novel tells the story of barn animals and how they rebel against their owner due to the lack of freedom and mistreatment, only to find themselves facing oppression from new rulers. The story really puts things in perspective with how it explains they way in which privilege and power is corrupt.


In Twelve Angry Men, written by Reginald Rose, a jury must decide wether a young man must be charged with the death penalty after he is accused of murdering his father, or be set free. While the jury argued on wether the accused is guilty or innocent, I learned that giving others the benefit of the doubt is crucially important. (This one is actually a play)



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