Week 3: Books or Magazines

Week 3: Books or Magazines

Jadhalyn Le

If you were to ask me if I could imagine a life without books, my immediate answer would be, “No.” For centuries, all knowledge within humans are expressed on paper and recorded into books. We still learn using books today. Books provide us knowledge on so many things, but were are not limited to just learning from them. They are here as time-passers and entertainment for all people. The strong literature gets points through and expresses so much creativity. Being able to look into the brain of another (the author), there is a spark in that that is unexplained, but let’s keep it that way. A book’s purpose is to stimulate brains in whatever area it is meant for. Magazines provide you shorts that allows you to catch up on life, fashion, around-the-worlds, etc. Magazines are like summaries with visuals to please their readers. I can appreciate their qualities in the entertainment world that rules over a lot in our lives. I do not see books or magazines dying out on us. We rely on books and magazines on such a level, it is part of everyday life.  I am constantly surrounded by books for all sorts of things, I do not want that to ever change. Here’s to learning.


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