Week 3: Books or Magazines

Life Changing Books

By Sergio Cano

There has been several books that have made a big influential impact in my life. If I had to narrow it down to three it would be The Alchemist, The Boy Called It, and 1984. The Alchemist was very interesting to me because it gave me this adventurous point of view that I love to see. I am a very adventurous guy and reading this just made me want to travel more and see more. At the end after going through everything the main character went through, it made me realize that everything that I have ever wanted is just a few feet away from me. This was when the treasure he was looking for was just underneath him the whole time. The second book was about a boy that was mistreated by his mother by abusing him and treating him as if he was not a human being. He was forced to do poor chores and put at risk of killing himself. This book just put me down and has made me realize how I have took my life for granted. Also my parents I have took them for granted for so long as a kid until I read this book in high school that helped me open my eyes and see that not everyone has it as good as me. It has always matured me into becoming a man that helps out others and that tries to make a change in others. Last but not least, the book that made me grateful that our government is not ran this way. 1984 was a book about government watching everyone’s move and made everyone do the same exact thing everyone else did. The way this book influenced me was by showing me how the United States is a really great place to live in and that our freedom is a gift to us. It gives the power to be our own character.


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