Week 3: Books or Magazines

By: Nick Verbin

Books have always been an important source of information and entertainment while growing up. For this blog, I will discuss three books that influenced me and my upbringing throughout different time periods of my life.

The first book to have substantial influence on me was Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. When I was first introduced to these books, I was a young child, maybe age five or six. My mom used to read them to me and show me that reading can not only be beneficial to your education, but also funny and enjoyable as well. These poems made me laugh and sparked an interest in books at a young age.

In middle school, my mom also suggested I read Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger. That was the first adult book I read, and it helped me quite a bit as an individual. I think most teenagers often feel disconnected from society and people, I felt a connection with this book that sparked an interest in adult literature. I would recommend this book to any young adult, as it later became my favorite book.

Later, in high school, I was required to read Animal Farm by George Orwell as part of our curriculum. This kind of book was a different experience, it was not only intriguing to me  on a literary level, but also a historical level. Animal Farm offers an allegorical tale of the Russian Revolution, and helped me understand that part of history as well. History is often best preserved in print books, not simply on the internet or in newspapers.





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