Week 3: Books or Magazines

By: Tony Phan

The magazine I propose will be a lifestyle magazine geared towards Asian Americans. I believe that as a demographic, we are heavily underrepresented in any sort of American media. This magazine will serve as way to help balance that out, as well as provide role models and direction for a people who do not really have anywhere to look to. Usually, the word Asian conjures images of east Asian people, but my magazine will feature predominantly, other types of Asian people as well such as Southeast Asians, Middle Eastern Asians, and South Asians.

Name of Magazine: The Bridge (symbolic for connecting Western ideals with Asian backgrounds)

Concept: I am sure there are other Asian American magazines out there, but my magazine will focus on uniting and strengthening the Asian American community by bringing awareness to people, Asian American or not.

Readers: Asian Americans of all ages, or anyone looking to learn about our community.

Other Magazines: Hyphen Magazine, A. Magazine – There are not many Asian American magazines, but these are the prominent ones. My magazine will be different from these because it will not shy away from controversial topics that will require critical thinking and self reflection. I do not believe strengthening our community will be possible until we prod our issues (such as our identity in western dominant society) from many different angles.

Advertisers: Five advertisers possibly interested in our readers include: Uniqlo, which is an Japanese clothing company gaining traction in America. Quickly’s, a Taiwanese boba milk tea which many locations all over the world. Lee’s Sandwiches, a Vietnamese American sandwich shop that appeals to many people, not only Asians. Asian American Theater Company, an Asian American theater performance company started in San Francisco back in the 1980’s. Sun Pharma, a growing pharmaceutical company based in India.

Articles in premier issue: opinion article of the state of Asian Americans in American Politics, an article on Asian American lifestyles, an opinion article on a writers life growing up in two cultures, an article living as an Asian American in different parts of America, and an article on famous Asian Americans.

Cover of Premier Issue: The first cover will be simple, magazine covers nowadays always seem like a cluttered mess of words jumbled together fighting your attention. My first cover will be all white with the words “The Bridge” prominently on top in red. I believe that on a magazine stand, an all white cover will stand out among the other magazines.


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