Week 3: Books or Magazines – Blog 3

By: Whitney Stein

There have been more than just three books that heavily influenced me such as the Gossip Girl Series, and Tweak- however I put great thought into the books that influenced me most in multiple ways that have attributed to who I am today. 18 Minutes by Peter Bregman really taught me time management and a work/life balance ratio. Often times, especially as students who also work; we find it hard to have a social life or any time for ourselves because we are at school and work. The time slips away from our fingers. After reading this book I had the control of my time instead of loosing track of time. Bregman’s book gave tips throughout each chapter and also focused on self assessing our strengths and weaknesses to make us a better person to pursue our passion points in life.

I choose The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls due to how much emotion Walls was able to rip out of me. Movies, songs, news, do not make me cry, however her book pulled my heartstrings and I was then addicted. I finished the book in three days in while I was a sophomore in high school. This book is a memoir of her life growing up and it didn’t make me pitty her life, although it made me value mine and transformed me as a daughter, granddaughter and sister for my family. I valued my family more and became close to them just because of Walls’ book. That’s really when I knew truly well written books will demand emotion from the reader.

The last book I choose is called Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov. I know it sounds political already. But trust me, I was also addicted to this book and finished in a weeks worth of time. I had purchased this book because I had just come out of a 5 year relationship and felt shitty about myself as a woman. I was a bit lost in direction and I was originally seeking a self-help/ self-improvement book. Instead I came home with Argov’s Why Men Love Bitches and it is probably my favorite book that I’ve ever read. It truly goes into the psychology of men and gives there perspective and look on women and who they are most attracted to, why/why not, how they stay attracted to women, and it gives all these tips on how to stay a strong woman and how to be the one in control of the relationship while not loosing a part of yourself in the mix. I would say this book is like a guilty pleasure because it’s not something every one will agree with or love or even read on a daily basis- but for me it hit home. It transformed and really affirmed my confidence as a young woman. Argov’s writing truly impacted me this last year (2015), as I continue to flip through the pages and re-read my notes that I’ve marked up in the book. It’s a book I recommend to all my girl friends.






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