Week 3: Books or Magazines – Blog 3 –

By Maxwell Egbujor


Name: Sense

Concept: Sense Magazine is going to run through the young generation and appeal to this generation’s masses. A magazine for the young and involved, composed by those involved in this generation. Not a bunch of older adults that have no major sense of how this generations celebrities, sports and stars are.

Readers: Our readers will consist of an Age group of 15-30. Obviously anyone can read our magazine if they choose, however, most of the magazines addressed topics will concern the young and interest the young. It is a Pop/Hip-hop based magazine, covering your favorite sports, celebrities and stars. It is a good read for both male and female, and please don’t feel like you need to be a part of the “cool kids” to understand and relate to these magazines, It’s for all young people.

Others: Other magazines serving our masses are “Complex”, “Source”  and “People.” They have the same general topics that appeal to our same audience, but unlike ours, we have the audience’s peers (people the audience can fully relate to) composing the magazine.

Five advertisers that could reach our readers are BuzzFeed, Fusion, NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Our premier issue would consist of

  • Sports
  • People (Celebrities)
  • Major Keys (How to survive through your day and age (School) )
  • Hot Sizzlin’ Topics (Food)
  • What’s Popping (Clothing, Men and Women)
Our Cover pages over time would include the Hottest Artist, Featured guest on the magazines, Hot topics and Food!
For Example:

(Completed on Saturday at 7:56, didn’t know refreshing changes the “Last Modified” date, just wanted to see if It was published already and if I needed to refresh.)



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