Year of the Gentleman

David Carbajal


I’m going to be honest I really don’t like to read I find it boring and a waste of time, well that was until I found the amazing author by the name of Pierre Alex Jeanty who runs the website Gentlemenhood who wrote the books titled To the Women I Once Loved, Unspoken Feelings of a Gentleman and Year of the Gentleman. These books illustrate the life of a man’s trials, situations and success of becoming a gentleman in a society where it is frowned upon. Pierre details all of the situations that faced within himself including growing up in Haiti then moving to the United States to become a writer, along the way he experienced the ups and downs of love and after suffering from numerous failed relationships due to his boyish ways and the influence he faced as a man growing up in the U.S. he has vowed to share the lessons from which he learned to the world to show men that Gentleman are still valued in this generation and also that women should be treated in a certain way then what society has shown. Pierre’s writings have impacted my life so much in a way that has changed my outlook on life, love and my spiritual relationship with God his writings are all about his life about the women he has met, the experiences he had with them and also the mistakes that were made with them and many of the things he writes I have gone through personally. Maybe that is why I look at Pierre as a role model because I can relate with him more than anyone I know. Since reading his blogs and books I have devoted my entire Instagram @Dlove408 to sharing his words with my friends on social media and hopefully the world since I’ve started I have received many messages from my friends and strangers thanking me for the stuff I post. Whether it was helping them through a tough break-up, depression or just showing that someone does care about the way women feel I highly recommend these books and Pierre’s website to all of you and I hope it impacts your life like it did mine.


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