Blog post #4

By Adam Ahlblad

News outlets certainly should identify sources in a story. A stories sources are as important as the story itself. Whether that source is a woman, man, or child of any ethnicity doesn’t matter in my opinion. If it is a credible source that supplies the information I personally do not need to know about their background or roots unless it is directly important to the story. Whether it is or is not the source should be included, if one wants to add extra information so be it. I can see how this could slightly be affected by racism though. Lets say for example back in either of the World Wars (or any era) where racism was holding down the development of certain people, if an article was found written by the opposite party their source(s) might be a little  more questionable. Its very easy to lure readers into false or exaggerated information if those around them have bias, already formed opinions. Sources are critical, if a journalists article does not have sources immediately it will be disregarded by any serious news consumer. Sometimes even the wrong sources can turn people away from articles, but still I believe every source used should be stated for professionalism.


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