Blog post week 2

By Adam Ahlblad

Mass Communication

Professor Dada

Blog post #2 Business aspect of Media

I agree that our choice of media channels is greater than ever, and I recognize that the outlets are mostly from 6 large conglomerates. I still believe today’s Media is “better” than previous Media in prior centuries. I use the word better because I believe media today is much more preferred, at least by many of its users. The older media was being produced by whomever wanted to put out information, this opens up a greater chance of false statements. Sources would be harder to check (if provided) and words could be sided with any biased or just personal opinion. There was not major producers pulling against each other to balance themselves out. I’m not saying that today’s news is as balanced or significant as it could be; but sources are easier to check, have more pressure to be correct, and there is also access to much more powerful Media today. Although one could see today’s media as being less “free” because of major conglomerates, I choose to view them as a strong fact check. The audience is the number one controller of Media, if one of these mass producers is caught lying they jeopardize their control and credibility. This chapter was beginning to lead me to believe that the audience does not have as much control as I thought, but after the debate in class I’m now back to believing fairly securely that as long as there is other major conglomerates, the audience is in control.


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