Blog#4: Newspaper or Audio

Blog #4: Newspaper or Audio

By : Pho Le

In the news , people should outlets identify a source quoted in a story as being female or a minority even if the race or sex has no bearing on the story because in the news, having the female or minority would make the news or the sources more reliable that it makes the audience would like to read the news. Although , I’m concerning about having the race identify in the news will not be a good idea because some people nowadays still being racist toward specific race that they hate , therefore , having the race identify in the news would make it less reliable . Additionally , nones would like to identify themselves as hispanic, Latinos or Asian because they were born in a specific country . For example ,you’re Vietnamese and in the news , they identify you as Asian , but the audience would identify you as Chinese because the news didn’t identify you as specific race. Furthermore, having women and minority sources would improve the quality of the news because they knew what was happened , they are not nervous under the camera , but if the news included a teenagers then they would be nervous and under pressure , so they would say something that is not supposed to say in the news or say something wrong. However , people who are not minority could include in the news, but there must be a minority person in it , so we can have a different perspective of the events.


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