Blong post #3 Books or Magazines

By Adam Ahlblad
The decision between a book or a magazine for Media depends on whether they are for news (local or distant), entertainment, personal interest, comprehension skills, and more. I chose activity choice A for this question. Three books that have made the greatest impact on my life. Number one: Where the red fern grows. Just remembering all the way back to this book makes me feel like I could cry. Ive read this book at least two times and cried both times. This book touches my emotions very deeply and made me feel for this boy and his two dogs and I’ve never owned a dog in my life. The struggle and passion along with the following adventure and journey really formed a place in my mind and heart, it is the first book I think about when somebody brings up special books. Number two: The Vice Guide To Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll. This book taught me what not to do. If one ever gets a chance to read over it I advise they take the opportunity. Even if its just for one or two stories. Technically the book is made from a Magazine line many are familiar with called “Vice”, originally called “Voice” but changed in 1996. It covers 89 issues and is filled with articles from punk bands to violence, or clothing lines, record labels, groupie stories and incredible or unfortunate drug stories. This book is a million life lessons (from a life lived on the edge) piled into one. Number 3: GooseBumps: This third one was only made one of the top three because of how much time I spent with them. Ive read over 50 goosebumps books, easily. They did make me laugh, be happy, sad, worried, and literally scared, but they also took me on a journey more than any book. I literally felt as if I was in the many stories, Actually able to see what was going on just by reading the words. There was editions where one could choose their own path by turning to a certain page if they wanted option A, and another for option B. If I made the wrong choice the book could end shortly after or keep getting deeper. Countless endings to the many books that allowed diverting from the original path. Goosebumps genuinely taught me that it doesn’t take much more than words to take you away to another world.


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