Hello from the Football Side

By David Carbajal


In 2015, there were many great sound bites whether it was J. Cole taking over the hip-hop world, the return of Adele with her new album and every sound bite of Donald Trump has made since running for president but my favorite was a football sound clip done by comedian Rob Riggle. On November 8th, Fox NFL Sunday’s comedian analyst Rob Riggle did a parody of Adele’s song “Hello” describing a division in football the NFC East which comprise of the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys. I loved this sound bite, because it was great use of the top song at the time and mixing it with comedy and football was perfect me and my family are mostly 49er fans so to hear something make fun of the Cowboys is always a good time. My favorite oldie is probably the reason why I have such a love for dance, it is a clip from the movie Breakin’ 2 the movie is about three friends who share a passion for dance the clip that I really enjoyed is a character by the name of Turbo is trying to find a way to impress a girl and through that he does an awesome choreography of dancing on the walls. This clip was awesome to see for the first time when I was younger to see someone dancing on the walls is always cool and it is a true reason why I love to dance so much now.


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