If it does not contribute, do not add it

Week 4: Newspaper

If it does not contribute, do not add it

By Andrew Masek


In this day and age (or any for that matter) our news should not be affected by what gender the source is or if the source is a “minority” or not. News is news, and whatever is being told shouldn’t be subjected to judgment based on race or gender. If a story is being run that has nothing to do with race or gender, then there is no point in adding the extra detail, because it does not do anything to move the story forward. At that point, adding those details may be used as a tactic to get more readers or something of that nature and that just isn’t right. I propose that instead of using the persons gender or race, use some other way to identify them, like perhaps creating a generic name (if they are uncomfortable with using their own) or just some other way of identifying the person. Superfluous information hinders the story and it may even confuse readers. Using their profession might be a good way to go about it if credibility is what you’re after, but overall, if it doesn’t contribute to the story, there is no need to add it.


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