Media Impact of Business Aspect of the Media – Blog 2

Week 2 – Media Impact of Business Aspect of the Media

The Unaffected Truth

By Talia Hudgens

The fact that media outlets are controlled by corporations doesn’t affect the amount of choices we have when it comes to choosing what medium we want to use to educate or entertain us. As individuals of the 21st century, we have access to almost too much information and media that sometimes it becomes abused or taken out of our control. The shows or programs that aren’t available on television, can easily be found online; the same goes for music and books. This day in age, it is common for corporations to be the primary leaders backing the most successful media outlets we have today. In my opinion, it is unintentional that by refusing to place everyday women or men on covers of magazines, an instant psychological effect will occur; however, the models are edited and placed in a more appealing light – which is why the few moments of body-shaming occur when looking at a cover. This affect may also spark a purchase, just to sulk in the jealousy even further.  (I know simply because I have been there.) Fortunately, with the rise of other mediums such as blogging and podcasting, the media can be publicly ridiculed, interpreted or praised (which is rare) by an everyday sender and their loyal followers. There are many other perspectives on this topic that are coming to light in many forms such as documentaries. Missrepresentation and Dark Girls are a couple of popular documentaries that highlight how the media negatively affects girls and women and the process of how it warps their self-image and esteem and what can be done about it.


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