Three Books Most Influential To Me

Week 3: Books or Magazines

Three Books Most Influential To Me

By Alejandro Orozco

The first book I have read were the “Harry Potter” books By J.K. Rowling. What makes it influential to me is that these series of books kept me engaged to keep on reading one after the other. Once I would finish one I would immediately go read the next one. I have never been so interested in books until I started reading the “Harry Potter” books.

The Second book is I have read was Tear Of A Tiger By Sharon Draper. It was influential to me because it taught me not to dwell on the past and  not to be so hard on yourself. That things happen for a reason and you have to move on and not be stuck on the past.

My third most influential book is by Ronda Rousey “My Fight/Your Fight”. A memoir about her events in life she would undergo such as what she would do to prepare for herself before her fight for the UFC. I found it influence because it just gave me more motivation to strive on to achieve success like she did.


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