Week 1 blog post.

By Adam Ahlblad
Mass Media in Communication
Professor Dada

Blog post #1 Media Autobiography

My current experience with Media is unsteady, since I do not believe much of what I’m exposed to on Social Media channels (such as Facebook and Instagram) I am limited to peer/parental influence and personal exploration. When I do gather media its usually through the internet, Local papers or Major nationwide papers. I tend to not watch TV, except for during major events. As for books, Magazines and Newspapers I like to read at least a few hours every week. reading helps me remember new events and changes in trend. Last but not least I categorize Radio and Movies into the same group because they are both purely channels of entertainment, I don’t use them for important media.
My main sources of Media consumption always lean towards Family influenced, Read in paper or books, or collected through the internet. Its good to have these bridges with Media fairly strong so that If I need them they are there. Hopefully I can build them throughout this course. I don’t imagine using them frequently until I’m older, but making time at the moment to improve clean consumption is helpful. Possibly I could need them for a job in the future, journalism was never a career id ever expect to pursue but now I see some pleasure in a job like that. With my Major being communications I should certainly consider Journalism, and my knowledge could be expanded further at a University. Applications have been sent in and so far I have not heard back from the school of my choice. As of the moment I am Limited to San Fransisco, Humboldt, or North-ridge and a few other Universities. Waiting on an acceptance letter from Sonoma, where I wish to continue my schooling.


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